A Typical Day

What should you expect to learn in a Golf Digest three day school?

Our goal for you is to provide you a customized road map for improvement, a plan that will carry you well beyond your time at the school and help you understand how to practice better, play better, and understand your golf swing. Our curriculum covers all aspects of the golf swing, mental game, fitness, short game, and course management.

Day 1We'll evaluate your golf swing and create benchmarks so you can monitor your improvement over time. We'll take you on course to analyze and understand your on course strengths and weaknesses. By the end of the day you'll have a realistic understanding of your swing strengths and weaknesses and we'll start creating your custom game improvement plan.

Day 2You'll work with instructors on personalized swing fixes and spend time learning to take what you learn to the golf course, Our unique "Take it to the Course" program will help you learn what it takes to keep your game on track on the golf course!

Day 3Continue to work on your unique game needs and putting together your Custom Improvement Plan so you can continue your improvement when you get home.

Golf Digest Schools

Offering the finest quality PGA and LPGA golf instruction nationwide, including, Florida Golf Schools in Orlando and Miami. Arizona Golf Schools in Scottsdale and Phoenix, also Las Vegas Golf Schools and Palm Springs Golf Schools.

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A Typical Day